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Prior to SpineForce, there was no KNOWN technology in the world able to precisely target and strengthen the most important muscle chains in the body, the 180 core spinal muscles.  SpineForce fills this void.

SpineForce is the only technology in the world that has been designed to three dimensionally target and strengthen the 180 deep intraspinal stabilizer muscles of the back that support the spine.  SpineForce is designed to restore strength and improve balance, coordination, proprioception, posture and range of motion all in one unique technology.

SpineForce can be used for a variety of rehab/exercise protocols for spine and core strengthening, back and shoulder injuries, shoulder, hip and back surgery rehabilitation, balance disorders, neuromuscular disorders (stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc) proprioception training and sports enhancement.

As one knowingly applies pressure to the handles with the upper body, a push/pull action, a moving platform works synergistically to keep the torso in highly targeted positions, forcing specific core spinal muscle chains to work in coordinated effort.

The effect is the core spinal muscles are strong and the spine is flexible, healthy and pain-free.

Dr Westwood and Westwood Spine & Joint Center proudly serves the communities of Canonsburg, Washington, North Strabane, Peters Twp, Sewickely and the surrounding areas by providing advanced spinal care and high tech rehabilitation with the SpineForce machine.